Kevin Golder

Director & Owner


An organisation is only as good as its people. We are experts in finding key candidates who are motivated and have the right skills to contribute to the success of your business, at any level.

To succeed it is essential that you continuously attract new top talent. So, whether you’re a founder of a start-up, a young CEO, or a veteran leader, if you have big plans, you have one job, we can help you put together the strongest team possible.

We know the right places to look and the right places to advertise to attract the best and we frequently carry out discreet searches for our clients. This unique set of skills enables our clients to target their key recruitment in the most effective manner possible.

Candidate Sourcing & Shortlisting

We typically advertise via our own job board or work with you using a range of popular advertising channels including our overseas network. We will provide you with a shortlist of candidates to review who meet the job description with our assessment of their suitability for the role. All candidate applicants are available to you if you require.

As far as we can, all candidates shortlisted will be interviewed by us and we provide you with our candidate feedback and our assessment of their suitability